Beautiful Wood


One of our special highlights is our beautiful wood fences.  Our licensed contractors are not only our designers they work hard to pay attention to every detail making sure that your wood fence is installed with every touch that you are looking for. Your fence is constructed with 100% Quality and Craftsmanship, giving you unlimited options as you work with our installers to create the Wood Privacy Fence of your dreams.

The natural beauty of our wood fence selections provides a visual sense of Perfection. Your wood fence can do more than provide privacy. It can also become a backdrop to a wonderful garden.

Whether you're looking to increase the property value of your real estate or beautify your yard, privacy fencing is a great way to enhance your yard. With professional crafted designs suited to match your style, you will be amazed with how much a simple fence can change the entire feel of your property.

Wood Privacy

Mooned Privacy


Scalloped Privacy


Picture Frame Style


Basic Dog Earred Privacy


Shadow Box


Wood Gates


Wood Picket

Scalloped Picket


Mooned Picket


Picket Fence Gate


Custom Picket With Arbor 1


Custom Picket with Arbor 2


Scalloped Picket After Staining



Black Nominal Pyramid


Olive Green Nominal Pyramid


White Nominal Pyramid


Mocha Nominal Pyramid


Purpose of Post Caps



More than Just Decoration

The end grain is the most vulnerable part of a fence post. In wet weather, the tops of your posts will absorb more water than any other part of the post. This leads to mold, mildew, moss growth and eventually rot. Fence post tops are also more exposed to sun and wind, which dries the wood and causes it to crack.

Fence post caps solve all those problems by protecting post tops from the elements. Not only will your posts last much longer, but they will also be safer. Since rough edges stay hidden under the cap, a wayward hand is not likely to pick up a splinter.

Depending on the caps you choose, they also offer valuable protection against birds and other wildlife. With pointed caps, you’ll find that squirrels and birds that previously liked to sit on your posts and make a mess will start hanging out somewhere else.

Protect Your Posts


  Decks and fences are valuable additions to your landscape. As such, you should do everything possible to protect them. One of the biggest problems with both fencing and decks are the posts. After years of weathering, the posts – especially the tops – are often split, rotten or worse. That’s where fence post caps come in. Install them when you install your new deck or fence, and you’ll be able to enjoy your investment many more years!  All Atlanta Post Caps labeled post caps are made from ASA resin.  ASA is a high-impact, UV resistant material used in the manufacturing of automobiles and marine products.  ASA is able to maintaining it's form and color with exceptional durability in outdoor environments. They are all manufactured in the US.